Gardens and Parks

Landscape gardens and parks from Sisi’s world

Empress Sisi is a lover of nature her entire life. Especially during her most difficult times, she cherishes the outdoors, to be literally “free.” Thus, it is no surprise that Sisi’s Road leads guests to impressive park and garden landscapes at nearly every stage of Sisi’s life. Some of these jewels are found on islands or on the coast and in this way unite nature and garden art perfectly with water.

Roses blooming in what seems an almost infinite number greet summer visitors on the former fisher island in Lake Starnberg, today called Rose Island. Here pedestrians stroll through a garden paradise that is positioned before a backdrop of the majestic Alps. The park was designed on Rose Island according to the plans of distinguished garden architect Peter Joseph Lenné.

The castle grounds in Laxenburg, today a piece of garden artwork of international rank, were also designed by Lenné to form a picturesque landscape formation. Nature and the buildings integrated into the park harmonize to create a first-class botanical masterpiece.

Mediterranean flair is savored in Meran in the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, which include Italy’s northernmost olive grove. With a height variation of 100 meters, the gardens enchant visitors with botanic diversity, several artistic pavilions as well as a discovery trail with exotic points of interest (such as the Summfelsen – “echoing rocks,” the bamboo grove or the Libellenuhr – “dragon fly clock”).

The terraced garden of Miramare Castle near Trieste offers a breathtaking view across the sea. Many typically Mediterranean but also exotic plants thrive on the spacious areal directly on the Adriatic coast.

The garden grounds from Sisi’s residence Achilleion on Corfu, inspired in design by mythology, are so advantageously located that visitors can view not only the park but can also look out over the sea. Both the bordering forest and the island captivate visitors with countless variations of yucca plants.

The impressive grounds of the Hungarian palace in Gödöllö invite guests to stroll and linger. The idyllic park designed in the style of an English garden landscape includes in its 26 hectares an extremely old tree population, beautiful allées, and a pheasant house with an old grove – the empress’ favorite place in the park.

Just five kilometers away the Lázár Riding Park set in the idyllic, hilly landscape around Domonyvölgy reminds visitors of Elisabeth’s passion for equestrian sport with riding and dressage shows and carriage rides.