IIn the early fall of 1898 Empress Elisabeth, traveling from Ischl, resides in the Grand Hotel in Caux. The small village near Montreux presents a unique view of the French and Swiss Alps. Fond of the mountains and the climate, Sisi often stayed here in the region around Montreux (in Territet) together with her husband.

Sisi, who constantly dresses in black since her son’s suicide, enjoys the peace of the alpine world, far beyond the luxurious activity at the lake. She travels alone this time, only with a lady-in-waiting, and without any further personal security, even though there are continual threats of assassination during this time.

On September 9, Sisi departs with her lady-in-waiting per paddle steamer from Montreux, headed for Geneva on the south end of the lake. Since 1823, steamboats have travelled on Lake Geneva and paddle steamers since 1875. The two women travel across the lake with a paddle steamer. There will be no return to Montreux. The next day as Sisi begins the journey back to the north side of the lake, she falls victim to assassination. Two sculptures on the lake promenades from Montreux and Geneva serve as reminders of Sisi’s presence at Lake Geneva.

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