Esterházy Palace

Esterházy Palace, located prominently in Eisenstadt, the state capital of Burgenland, is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Austria. Once the birthplace and residence of the aristocracy, the structure is especially outstanding with the splendid Haydn Hall and Empire Hall, the small Chinese salon and the palace chapel with a glass reliquary casket.

Princess Esterhazy uses her country house especially during the summer months, as was often common for the aristocracy of those times. Her palace in Eisenstadt is a beloved meeting place of society – also for the imperial family. Loyal to the House of Habsburg for centuries, close and even friendly ties continue in the 19th century as well.

The exhibition “The apartment of the princess” grants visitors unique access into the worlds and biographies of three striking princesses of the House of Esterházy. In the former apartment of the princess, an exhibition includes noting the bond between the west Hungarian aristocratic family and the monarchy’s last great couple, Sisi and Franz Joseph I. However, the main emphasis of the exhibition is placed upon three vulnerable wives of this noble family. Their stories as well as special incidences and anecdotes from their biographies are revealed in this historic ambience.

Guests will enjoy the impressive garden landscape, newly designed in the 19th century as an English park with such attractions as temples, grottoes, waterfalls, ponds and an orangery that includes a theater stage.


Lackenbach Palace:  A Renaissance palace with a modern twist

In 1612, the Esterházy family acquired Lackenbach Palace. Situated in an idyllic setting at the heart of Burgenland, parts of this Renaissance complex have been redesigned and revitalized and are now open to the public. At the concert hall, spacious function rooms and café,

visitors can enjoy, celebrate or simply spend quality time. Or why not while away the hours, immersed in beautiful nature, in the enchanting Renaissance park?

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